About Factory Play


A young and dynamic company prepared for all sort of challenges put by our customers.
Our identity is the versatility, professionalism, capacity to produce ambitious projects and a constant adaptation to the needs of our customers. The Factory Play distinguishes oneself for its ability to idealize, design and produce made to measure inflatable. Therefore this catalogue is just a small sample of our portfolio, because our greatest value is in design inflatable structures for specific spaces and situations, to this propose we have a department of Case Studies where we answer all sort of requests.



Our creative team with a large experience presents innovative solutions as well as projects appropriately presented in 3D environment, allowing a real view of the actual finish product, allowing to our customers a final approval before the beginning of the production process.



Our inflatables are made with sailcloth 620g/m2 of English origin with anti-fire treatment which the tests show the best performance.

Reinforcements at the critical points of the inflatable are made with nylon strap similar to the known seatbelt, ensuring a more durable product. The lines, locks and accessories of tie up that we use in the sewing process exceed the required standards. The engines of our inflatable are the leading brand worldwide.


Production Process

Our projects are supervised and certified by a team of qualified inspectors to ensure the compliance of the standard EN14960, which regulates the industry of inflatables.
All parts of the inflatable have at least 2 double seams and in the areas of greatest wear 3 and 4 double seams.

Despite the points mentioned above is most important the previous identification of the critical points of the inflatable and enforce them correctly for in its normal use are not subjected to extreme stress leading to the rupture of materials.



We are able to apply paint directly on the materials (manual painting) as digital printing with its protective finish for better durability.



We have a market of used inflatable, allowing our customers whenever they wish to change your inflatable, renewing their stock constantly, managing dynamically your company. Despite our 2 years of warranty on any manufacturing defect, we are always available for any kind of problem that our customers may have.

In the case of customers in the beginning of the business we advice, support and train their staff so they can better understand how works the business of inflatables hire.